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One of the founders of the “Eustergerling Textile Group GmbH“ is related to the Eustergerling family since his great-grandfather was Karl Eustergerling - a very famous textile-decorator and upholsterer in the 1st halt of the prevous century. Despite of the fact that the brand is newly established, it has already managed to gain an exellent reputation in the development of exclusive textile designs. The creation of the 1st collection was preceded by several years of hard work. As a result a unique and original collection of fabrics was developed. The collections of Eustergerling includes numerous types of designs from the original classical to the ultramodern, and even the avant-garde aspects, was covered. The fabrics consisted of polyester, linen, cotton, silk, rayon, wool and their combinations. Today the products of the brand are sold all over the world, in more than 50 countries.

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