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CASA (house in Spanish) + HELIOS (sun in Greek) = CASELIO This equation could only mean a bright brand with infectious optimism ! It is the overflowing creativity and a inborn sense of colouration combined with passion and enthusiasm that the original and inventive wallpaper collections are created. At the heart of the latest trends, the company cleverly blends original motifs and sparkling colour ranges. From this abundance of colours and patterns come unique wallpapers to personalise your interior, breathtaking panoramics which underline the style of your home. But their most special talent is to continually offer accessible collections destined to suit most people. Because for a reasonable price and incredibly easy hanging, they give you the opportunity to satisfy the wishes of your whole family. And by offering stickers and fabrics for your own creative projects they increase the possibilities for you to change your decor as often as you change your mind.