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Mottura Serrature di Sicurezza S.p.A. is the leader company in the production of europrofile security cylinders (Champions), security locks for armoured doors, for wooden doors, and for windows/doors fixtures and security home and hotel safes. The commercial distribution evenly covers the Italian market and also unfolds itself in the main foreign countries of the 5 continents. The wide range of products includes different growing levels of safety, in order to make the user's final choice more flexible, still feeling safe. Recently, a new highly innovative, electronic wise, line of products was born: Mottura X Technology implements updated and SMART solutions to the traditional way to open, close and manage the door. Technology, innovation and quality are the main principles on which the company bases its production processes, in order to deliver reliable and performing products to the residential security market. Therefore, Research & Development, production automation, internal testing and analysis labs are constantly committed to keep high quality standards within quality management, governed by UNI EN ISO 9001/2008.