Room Design Gallery



One of the directions of 'Room Design Gallery' is the kitchen furniture. We give you kitchen unique offering all the best quality material for this kind of space: custom kitchen furniture and for request domestic appliances for very competitive prices, flooring and wall cladding of marble stones, slate, mosaic and even parquet. We collaborate with different suppliers from all over the world especially from different parts of Italy whose solidity is guaranteed thanks to more than 100 years of experience in processing with approximately 10000 types of different marble stones. Numerous works of our partners have been carried out for many years in different countries of the world (residential, hotels, banks, contract, administrative, yachts, design of interior and exterior decoration of buildings, boutiques), expressed by the skill of Made in Italy. And not only Italy, our partners are other famous companies from Germany and France as well. In case of necessity, we visit our customers, analyze the situation, make a plan according to their requirements and needs. We consider your lifestyle, offer the latest kitchen furniture collections, give you proper recommendations and help make a right choice.


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