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Design project is an embodiment of your ideas, wishes and demands for your space's design, to create modern interior means to fulfill whole row of demands, which covers whole set - functional, volumetric - spacial, engineering - functional and artistic - aesthetic

In Room Design Gallery any task is fulfilled with the regard of interconnection of every consistent part, where motion graphics, zone division of spaces and consistency, aesthetic and psychological environment, natural and artificial lighting, furniture, heating, ventilation plans, floors and greening element involvement must be fundamentally studied. Only after complex solution of every task we can obtain specific regularities of optimal form and scale, acoustic, lighting and color solutions

Room Design Gallery – this is a company, which has been trusted for 18 years by consumers, leading companies and European partners.  We sell emotion, high quality product and qualified design service, we share the experience, which our team members are getting from partners, leading European companies. And are certified from multiple years of practical design project management field, Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma ITALY Education - interior designer & visualization artist, Project Management ,

We are a team, which is known for its modernist and ambitious decisions. Our main strengths are practical experience and professionalism. We feel the style, touch colors and textures, think and plan in big scales. We are your trustworthy partners.



The sequence of work on the project design


01. We make a contract and fulfill our technical task

Welcome to our cozy and pleasant showroom, express your ideas and wishes and we'll listen and ask you questions about your style, budget and functionality, after what formal service official agreement will be signed, which will put to order the package of various documents, value, composition and Room Design Gallery service guarantee obligation, after that the technical task is the starting point, when we create a design project for your housing.


02We offer planning decisions

First of all we are preparing a flat layout zones where each detail will be separated by a separate functional use, if the apartment's layout and zoning are not acceptable for the client, we will try to reset your space again which may include every detail as well as a combination of several apartments. We will develop a comfortable layout for you with pre-selected furniture, decorative lighting and decor.


03Preparation of 3D visualization

3D interior visualization is the concept of graphical imagination, where we use real things for interior decoration and paneling from our European partner companies, with whom we cooperate successfully for 18 years and import, we have our own flexible and experienced transport group and also our own warehouse in Italy, which helps us to easily find and offer items and materials that are easily accessible and useful for you and your budget, in order to make the project visualization accurate, after that, our renders reflect the future interior with such details, that it will be hard to tell apart renders from real photos, which allows you to evaluate the full interior and decorative materials on the basis of real visualization, to change the project and avoid additional costs before starting the repairs.


04Preparing work documentation

We are preparing a full package of documents, including drawings, plans and assessments, according to which any professional builder will be able to implement your project or can offer you a flat key where you will not care about anything and you will have all the information prepared and seen in advance. 



A detailed overview of our recent major interior design projects   

Which clearly illustrates our working style and special attitude towards details, where our customers' opinions and tastes are also important, according to which the preliminary draft is made











Room Design Gallery is a creative space where a team of professionals and result-oriented service are present.
We share our experience, which our team members are getting from partners, leading European companies.
We are a qualified group, which is known for its modernist and ambitious decisions


Customer's opinions are most important for us.

Write us and share your impressions about working with us.


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