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Architecture is an integral part of life. Everything that exists around us: Planning buildings and constructions, interior and landscape design, bir or small urban space organizing and sustainable infrastructure development of the modern world are connected to this important field of art.

Architectural design varies fundamentally depending on what we want to make and what is our goal to appropriately complete the project, because exterior and architecture is a visit card of your building, which creates the first impression for strangers about the building, it's owner's not only aesthetic taste, but overall view of life, his attitude towards environment, projecting of which starts from zero - including supporting buildings; it doesn't matter if it's a private house, restaurant, store, trade center or office, each one of them ends with last nuances, so our customers can comfortably and effectively use their desired living spaces

In Room Design Gallery, such products are ordered by future owners of various commercial spaces, or houses, according to whom, the architect must think and analyze every nuance, that must satisfy customer's any ambitious architectural configuration with its building norms and priorities, that include following stages


  1. Complete architectural plan
  2. Analysis of architectural-planning schemes of buildings and structures
  3. Engineering communications
  4. House form and placement
  5. Exterior 3D visualization and paneling planning with details

And in Room Design Gallery this is taken care by certified and experienced with many years in practical projects management architect designers of Dutch consulting company MDF, also the experienced and certified staff graduated from WWF Germany, which provide no less stages, such as:


  • Risk planning and management;
  • Planning and management of stakeholders (Stakeholder Matrix), 
  • Quality management and control; 
  • Budget (expenses) planning and handling;
  • Planning and management of human and other material resources;
  • Project Objectives and Intervention Framework (Building a logical framework)
  • Defining human resources;
  • Distribution of work time, building a table;
  • Rules for the design proposal documentation



Work stages

01. Architectural work part

As soon as the visual project part is confirmed, your living house with its stairs and the key, communication systems connecting each other, if wanted, the architect is correcting the draft project and starts to prepare new plan and schemes


02. Architectural   constructive part

Constructor checks every building construction part, as on fundamental level, as well as the rest architectural construction part, prepares blueprints and instructions for the brigade


03. Engineering Projecting

The project will be transferred to the engineers and after that they begin to design all communications tasks: Water supply and sewerage, heating and ventilation, electric power and warm floors


04. Project Agreement

After finished product, customer's passport and all the accompanying documents are needed, after that, we agree with your project in the relevant permit agency and we take the necessary consent after the completion of the relevant procedures which will be officially permitted and approved for construction permits; After that it is possible to start the construction part of the unit.






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