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340 M2 Private Apartment Tskneti


Room Design Gallery just finished projecting of 340 M2 private modern style living apartment projecting and design in Tskneti's one of the cozy and peaceful place, where our designers have used only the latest world interior trends and best paneling and furnishing materials according to their original choices

First floor is for amateur zone where our customers can host guests and spend some quality time with their family members in calm and comfort

In the middle of the hotel guest room there is a fireplace which takes great attention with additional interesting decorative elements, massive chandelier and walls paneled with natural stones, and the overall style is made in classic and contemporary decors and art objects, which gives special charm to the space 
dining room is considered to be minimal creative zone and is designed with medieval style furniture


Second zone is considered to be private zone where the bedrooms and bathrooms for the family heads will be placed, the space is planned and specifically organized in modern European ways, which it is possible to settle the guests in the additional rooms, where the bedrooms are designed with traditional neutral colors, but dark sharp colors also give modern emotion to the interior



Lastly the bedrooms as other rooms have a beautiful panoramic view of nature's sweetness where our customers will feel calm and escape the tiring daily life of the city

P.S. Room Design Gallery team wishes our customers happy and calm life!